TBG White Paper: A Shorter and Sweeter Sales Cycle


The business-to-business sales cycle can be a long and complex process: multiple decision makers, variable pricing, the need to demonstrate quantifiable benefits and the importance of relationship to close a sale. All this combined with a difficult economic environment can tempt any marketer to contort their message in order to appeal to the buyer. But becoming everything to everyone is not a long-term solution. The key to shortening and strengthening the sales cycle is to be clear about who you are, qualify your leads, create the right tools for the job, and turn your clients into your champions.

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Case Study #1: IRM BIQ Email

IRM is the leading business intelligence software solutions provider for the Food & Beverage industry. IRM’s vertical focus and deep F&B industry experience differentiates the organization from their competition and provides them with unique insight to the needs of their customers.

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TBG Whitepaper: Blended Corporate Families


Eight out of ten corporate mergers and acquisitions fail to live up to expectations. After a beautiful corporate wedding how do you make the marriage work? For the small- to mid-sized B2B marketer, the early implementation of strict brand management coupled with clear, consistent communication, both internally and externally, can help you beat the odds to become a blended corporate family that lives happily ever after.

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Thought Leadership is the New Sales Pitch


100,000,000,000 spam emails. 700,000,000 direct mail pieces. This is what the public receives every day. Can your marketing message hit its mark in this hailstorm of information? For the high-tech, B2B marketer, you need to stop selling product and begin selling yourself. It’s time to rise above the role of business vendor and aspire to become a business partner. Thought Leadership is the New Sales Pitch.

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