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Brand Definition

The Basis Group
Your brand is everything your stakeholders experience every time they come in contact with your company. It’s your promise to them about who you are, what you stand for, and what you alone can do.

A strong brand drives, guides, instructs, steers, clarifies and builds.

Drive revenue by establishing a solid marketplace position based on a value proposition that aligns with industry trends and opportunities.
Guide decision making by defining clear mission and vision statements focused on value-based outcomes.
Instruct customer interaction by outlining organizational and customer-facing values that uphold the emotional and functional benefits of the company.
Steer product development by establishing product-focused values that extend from the corporate values.
Clarify corporate culture by recognizing that a successful brand must live within the walls of your company as well as in the marketplace.
Build trust and equity with stakeholders by ensuring the brand promise is delivered consistently every time someone comes in contact with your company.

Corporate Rebrand | Cocona Case Study

A Brand Built on Science

Rebranding B2B Technology Companies

Soul of The Brand

Target Audience

Brand Values

Personality Traits

Market Trend and Influences

Client Pain

Client Needs

Positive/Negative Attributes

Market Differentiators

Value Proposition

Position Statement

Corporate Messaging

Product Messaging

Contextual Messaging

Value-Based Messaging

Pillars of Services

Business Model

Aspirational Ecosystem

The Basis Group has crafted a unique branding approach to help B2B technology companies define and drive dynamic brands that go beyond features and benefits. Our methodology is structured to uncover a company’s strengths, weaknesses, assets and challenges. These insights are used to align the company’s mission, vision and differentiation with marketplace opportunities and establish a value proposition that gives the brand the strength and flexibility to serve their customers today and stay true to the brand promise as the marketplace evolves.

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The Architecture of Brand Architecture