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A Word on Branding

Branding is a hot topic these days. But it’s been on our minds for two decades. Early in our careers, it frustrated us when design was purely subjective—when a color decision could be shot down because the client’s grandma had a really ugly dress in that color when he was a kid, or a logo design was described as “hip and cool” even though the client was a mortuary.

When we founded The Basis Group nearly 20 years ago, we knew we needed an objective, rational way to defend every creative decision. Every element of a brand, verbal and visual, needs to reflect the soul of that company—its mission, its values, the difference it makes to customers. That’s the basis of what we do.


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Brand Case Study

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“Mergers are messy on a variety of fronts. The Basis Group went deep, found the right place for the companies to come together, uncovered the marketplace opportunity, and created a new story that made sense of the acquisition.”

Neil Anderson | Partner, CMO

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