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Premiere Systems

The Basis Group
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In the era of automated smart structures, Premiere delivers genius environments. They have mastered the complexities of automated technology design and implementation to deliver wall-to-wall solutions that are invisible to the eye but engage all the senses. Providing both commercial and residential solutions, Premiere equips their customers to control audio, video, lights, shades, security and more with a voice command or a finger swipe.

“We have worked with The Basis Group almost from our inception nearly 20 years ago. They designed our logo, business stationary, website, and collateral. Our story is about utilizing technology to simplify and enhance our customer's lifestyle. Our brand is about serenity and simplicity. TBG has always kept our brand consistent and on message.”

Ken Johnson, Founder and President

Premiere Systems

Brand Drivers

Primary Color Palette
  • Luxury
  • Exclusive
  • Understated
  • Calm
Light Khaki
  • Warm
  • Inviting
  • Personal
  • Peaceful
  • Reliable
  • Strong

Eurostyle is contemporary retro san serif face that is both technical and sophisticated. Its modern styling accurately reflects the sophistication and luxury of Premiere’s solutions.


This subtle pattern is reminiscent of vintage wallpaper lending an air of sophistication. The tone-on-tone color allows the pattern to be delicate while infusing warmth into the identity.

  • Traditional
  • Intentional
  • Synchronization
  • Beauty
  • Beautiful architectural shots create context.
  • Clean lines and a modern aesthetic communicate sophistication.
  • Detail images communicate a commitment to fine points.
  • Images with human interaction demonstrate a commitment to service and training.
  • Interior shots with no people put the focus on the hidden technology and beautiful aesthetic.