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Merger and Acquisition Branding

The Basis Group
When two or more companies come together there are countless complexities that have to merge from product offering to company values to corporate culture. If the new entity is going to live up to its post-acquisition potential and truly thrive, a fresh brand narrative is paramount.

A Unified Brand capitalizes, creates, positions and establishes.

Capitalize on the natural affiliations and minimize the existing conflicts of the legacy brands to take advantage of marketplace opportunities.
Create a new brand definition based on a common value proposition that transforms disparate products into an integrated offering with a unified purpose to achieve a comprehensive goal.
Position the new entity to equip the company and its offering with the strength, flexibility, vision and values to evolve with the marketplace.
Establish a fresh brand narrative that allows stakeholders to understand what the new brand is, what it stands for, and what they can expect it to deliver.

M&A Branding | Axcient Case Study

An Unlikely Acquisition into an Elegant Integration

Rebranding Merged B2B Technology Companies

Identification of Acquisition Objectives and Vision of End State

Legacy Brand Audits

Legacy Brand Reconciliation

Building the New Brand Narrative

Key Messaging Platform

Brand Expression Guidelines

Brand Roll Out Strategy and Timeline

Brand Integration and Training

The Basis Group’s propriety M&A branding methodology is built around the intricacies of a merger or acquisition scenario. By linking the branding initiative to the investment thesis, corporate synergies and end goal, our process-driven approach allows newly merged companies to support the investment objectives, take advantage of marketplace opportunities, and build trust with stakeholders.

M&A Branding | Whitepaper

Blending Corporate Families