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Emergency communications is Intrado’s singular focus. Their services and solutions support every aspect of the emergency response continuum. They have perfected the use of 911 call data to make sure no call is dropped or misrouted. They spearheaded the introduction of text-to-911. They are the thought leaders in the complex journey to a nationwide next-generation digital communication system. From network innovations to wireless location services to disaster recovery solutions, Intrado is putting public safety first.

“I had the great fortune of working with The Basis Group on an influential series of informative and educational guides about Next-Generation 9-1-1. Their willingness to master the complex subject matter and their skill in coalescing and presenting material differentiated The Basis Group and resulted in an extraordinary product.”

Rebecca Bessette, former VP of Marketing



Brand Drivers

Primary Color Palette
  • Emergency
  • Mission Critical
  • Urgency
  • Stable
  • Care
  • Calm

Trade Gothic is a friendly san serif font. This face is strong yet approachable with a wide range of weights providing an easy way to create clear hierarchy—and important asset in an emergency scenario.

Imagery and Diagrams
  • Isometric illustrations connect Intrado’s solutions with real life.
  • Real-life imagery makes the scenario relatable.
  • Simple graphic diagrams and icons simplify complex concepts.