Trade promotions are a significant aspect of a foodservice manufacturer’s sales strategy. After COGS, trade promotion spending is the largest line item on a manufacturer’s P&L.

Historically, this necessary cost of doing business was managed at the ground level with verbal agreements between sales representatives and operators, and ROI was measured with the best guess of product managers.

Today’s foodservice marketplace is more complex than ever before and manufacturers are being overwhelmed by the high cost trade promotion. Most foodservice products are sold through distributors who then sell to restaurants, schools, hospitals and other enterprises. With no direct connection to operators, manufacturers find themselves removed from the trade promotion process. As a result, inadequate control over claims and the inability to track effectiveness are causing manufacturers to rethink how they are managing and measuring their trade promotions.

When we met with TBG, they blew us away. They considered our customer’s perspective and gave us a solution that showcases Tibersoft iQ’s unique value in a fresh and engaging way. We consider TBG to be one of our competitive advantages!

Tim Chilson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Tibersoft



Traditionally, the foodservice industry has been characterized as a marketplace that resisted change and lacked creativity. Tibersoft needed an engaging way to demonstrate their understanding of the marketplace while reflecting the innovation and progressive solutions they were bringing to the industry.



The Basis Group created a short animated video that quickly and dynamically introduced the audience to Tibersoft’s unique solutions. This contemporary inviting marketing tool stands out from the traditional marketing methods of Tibersoft’s competitors and entertains viewers while educating them. The high-level messaging of the video provides enough information to pique the viewer’s interest, create the desire to know more and drive them to the Tibersoft website for a demonstration.


The initial release of the video resulted in strong positive feedback from a major industry group. As this is a new tool in the Tibersoft marketing strategy, it is too early for more quantitative results.

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