TrapTek: Product Brochure

The TrapTek brochure cover features the corporate logo overlaid with exploding lines on a clean white background. This image illustrates TrapTek’s powerful and unique performance features. The brochure combines lifestyle imagery and scientific charts to illustrate its outstanding performance both visually and scientifically.

TrapTek: Corporate Logo

The TrapTek mark features fabric swatches that, when merged, trap the T, thus creating a simple metaphor for how the carbon application works.

TrapTek: Apparel Hang Tag

The TrapTek hang tag is designed as a co-branding element on all garments that utilize the progressive TrapTek technology. The tag explains the features and benefits of the fabric technology as well as offers contact information for the company.

TrapTek: Corporate Stationery

The TrapTek stationery package highlights the logo mark as the primary element. The black background calls attention to the prominent role of carbon in TrapTek’s technology while offering sharp contrast to TrapTek’s color palette. This contrast strongly showcases the glow of the T within the mark, signifying the strength of the product.