Genesys Conferencing: Event Services Flash Demo

The Genesys Conferencing Flash presentation is an online promotion for Event Services, one of the company’s primary products. This presentation demonstrates and communicates the power and professionalism that Event Services can bring to organizations around the world.

Genesys Conferencing: Services Brochure

The Genesys Conferencing corporate brochure is designed to reinforce the company’s brand position. The cover image features a corporate conference with simultaneous views of urban landmarks from around the world. This visual acts as a metaphor for their unmatched global reach and seamless conferencing capabilities.

Genesys Conferencing: Email Newsletter Templates

The three unique directions for this email newsletter template are all designed to communicate the organization’s unique value proposition: Genesys Conferencing provides effective tools to bring together people from diverse global locations into one virtual space in order to share information and ideas.

Genesys Conferencing: Annual Report

This annual report relies on graphic photography and bold colors to communicate how Genesys Conferencing brings people from around the world together in a single virtual space to share information and ideas.