CVS/Caremark: PS Superhero Direct Mail

This 3D direct mail is designed to capture the attention of the recipient and create a lasting impression. The piece is created to promote CVS Caremark’s PerformanceScript alternative sampling product. By creating an original comic book hero as metaphor for the product, this memorable direct mail piece clearly communicated the challenges faced within sampling programs and demonstrated the power of PerformanceScript to overcome the challenges.

CVS/Caremark: PS Bear Fruit Direct Mail

This 2D direct mail highlights CVS Caremark’s PerformanceScript solution. The concept of this direct mail compares the alternative sampling program to planting seeds. Traditional sampling programs simply scatter samples while PerformanceScript strategically distributes samples. The result is a sampling program that bears fruit.

CVS/Caremark: RxC&P Email Campaign

This email campaign was designed in conjunction with a printed direct mail piece to create an integrated multi-channel campaign to increase the effectiveness of the promotion.

CVS/Caremark: Sales Best Pratices Video

This video was created to be shown at a corporate-wide sales meeting. The video was an entertaining way to encourage sales staff to create community and share successful sales methods.

CVS/Caremark: PerformanceScript Ad

This ad was designed to run in various industry publications. Black and white photography was used to correspond with an ongoing corporate print campaign. The concept of the ad highlighted how PerformanceScript removes the guesswork from sampling programs by providing strategic business intelligence to guide more effective sampling efforts.

CVS/Caremark: OTC Connect Logo

This logo utilizes a plus sign divided into two components to represent the two sides of the OTC Connect solution: Patients and OTC products. OTC Connect brings together patients with identified health conditions and OTC products from which the patient would most likely benefit.