For more than a decade, the public safety industry has been aware that the current analog emergency communications network used to convey 9-1-1 calls is antiquated, unreliable and not meeting the needs of a digital society. The task of overhauling the legacy system to an IP-based Next-Generation 9-1-1 architecture is monumental and problematic from an operational, financial and governance perspective.

Adding to the difficulty is the significant communication breakdown between the system engineers charged with blue printing the new nationwide network and the public safety professionals responsible for implementing it. The bulk of published information regarding Next-Generation 9-1-1 is highly technical and focused on how the system will function with little to no information on how to actually make the transition from analog to digital communications without introducing any interruption to ongoing 9-1-1 service. As a result, the idea of Next-Generation 9-1-1 is a topic that induces fear, confusion and hesitation throughout the public safety community.

I had the great fortune of working with the Basis Group on an influential series of informative and educational guides about Next-Generation 9-1-1.  Their willingness to take the time to master the complex subject matter and their skill in coalescing and presenting the material differentiated the Basis Group and resulted in an extraordinary product.

–Rebecca Bessette, Former Marketing executive at Intrado



Intrado wanted a way to demonstrate thought leadership and educate public safety professionals about sweeping industry changes without overwhelming them with technical information.


A series of vendor-neutral, information-rich booklets called Next-Generation 9-1-1: The Essential Guide to Getting Started. Created to educate non-technical industry decision makers and administrators, the first volume in the series provided a broad overview of the entire concept of Next-Generation 9-1-1. Each subsequent volume provided in-depth information on a specific aspect of Next-Generation 9-1-1 technology and transition strategies and provided essential information on how to get started on this monumental undertaking.

Working closely with Intrado, The Basis Group participated in various internal “think tanks” in order to create a detailed outline of the first volume. Intrado subject matter experts (SMEs) were then assigned to each subtopic. After conducting substantial research on Next-Generation 9-1-1, The Basis Group conducted in-depth interviews with each SME, asking guided questions and allowing them to talk freely about their area of expertise. After compiling all the information, The Basis Group wrote and designed the 40-page booklet using conversational, accessible language and custom, easy-to-understand graphics. This process was then repeated for each of the remaining five booklets.


Despite the fact that these booklets never mention Intrado as a company or any Intrado product or service, The Essential Guides have become Intrado’s most effective sales tool with more than 600 downloads from their website and hundreds more handed out by the Intrado sales team and product managers.

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