Allume: “The Butterfly Effect” Branding Idea

This branding idea is based on the scientific hypothesis of the Butterfly Effect: the flap of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the world can cause a hurricane on the other side of the globe. The message of the ad is that enterprise-wide learning has a far-reaching and monumental effect on the individual and the organization.

Space Imaging: Imagery Ad Campaign

This ad is one of a series of ads that highlight different aspects of the Space Imaging brand. Each ad has a similar look and tone. This ad focuses on the company’s vast, information-rich imagery archive.

DigitalGlobe: Allow Us to Clarify Ad Campaign

This ad is part of a comprehensive print advertising campaign designed to highlight different clarifying aspects of the Digital Globe offering. The ad focuses on the overall quality of the image as well as the corporate commitment to being better than the competition.

DigitalGlobe: deCarta Calendar Contest

This image was designed to be included in a yearly calendar created by deCarta, a DigitalGlobe partner. The page highlights the image quality and availability.

CS Stars: Brand Awareness Ad

This ad is designed to communicate the complexity and reach of the CS Stars offering. The visual element of boxes plays a strong role in the corporate brand representing order and process. The organic pattern of the boxes communicates the customization that CS Stars brings to their solutions.

CVS/Caremark: PerformanceScript Ad

This ad was designed to run in various industry publications. Black and white photography was used to correspond with an ongoing corporate print campaign. The concept of the ad highlighted how PerformanceScript removes the guesswork from sampling programs by providing strategic business intelligence to guide more effective sampling efforts.