Demand Generation

Demand Generation is a holistic approach to marketing that intertwines marketing efforts and sales efforts in order to build awareness, solidify client trust, and increase sales. The B2B sales cycle is long, customers don’t purchase off a single impression, nor do they make buying decisions alone. B2B buyers require strategic nurturing to move them through the cycle that leads to a long-term brand relationship.

Demand Generation encourages marketing departments and sales teams to work as extensions of one another—understanding that the efforts of one impact the outcomes of the other. Marketing must look beyond branding to its impact on sales; and sales must take their cues from the groundwork laid down by marketing. If Demand Generation is executed correctly, mass marketing will lead to a direct human interaction between an individual sales team member and a potential customer.

TBG believes that marketing strategies must be developed to optimize Demand Generation by defining the process and developing tools that facilitate it.