Every company has a brand. Whether mighty or mishandled, your brand is the foundation on which your company stands. It is what people relate to. It is the emotion evoked at the mention of your name. It is the perceptions created at the sight of your mark. It is visceral; it is visual; it is verbal. Beyond the use of fonts, colors, and icons, your brand is everything your audience experiences every time they come in contact with you. At its core, your brand is a promise you make to your customers about your company.

The key to making good on your promise is to truly know who you are. It’s not enough to simply understand your product line and target audience. You need to be intimately acquainted with the soul of your company. What are your core values and value proposition? Do you believe in your mission statement? What is your primary differentiation? When these intangible aspects are defined and communicated within the tangible elements, then your brand will breathe life into your company and your audience will trust you.