The business-to-business marketplace is a unique environment that differs significantly from the business-to-consumer arena. While the B2C marketer must be adept at tapping into the emotions of the audience, making the sale in the B2B space requires a different approach.

B2B marketing must keep in mind that there is usually more than one purchasing decision maker, and they may have competing priorities. B2B sales propositions must demonstrate quantifiable benefits that may have to appeal both to a CTO as well as a CFO. And purchasing decisions in the B2B space are often relationship/loyalty driven and heavily impacted by third-party influences.

The key to successful B2B marketing is to be clear about who you
are at the core, have a solid strategy for qualifying leads, understand the tools necessary for moving leads through the sales cycle, and turn your clients into your champions. The Basis Group creates dynamic marketing strategies and tools that help our clients drive sales in the B2B space by prioritizing branding, thought leadership, and demand generation.