“The Basis Group approaches every project with both a true desire to understand the situation/problem as well as a skillful and focused competency in executing successful concepts and strategies that result in success. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. They are true masters of their craft.”

Dean Abrams

Slingshot Ventures, LLC (has utilized The Basis Group in multiple situations)

“Your brand determines a large part on how the world views your company. For such an important project you need to have confidence in who is behind the work. The Basis Group is the type of company you can trust with your most important projects. The Basis Group takes care of all the details, both big and small, delivering relevant, quality work that you are proud to show the world.”

Gregory Haggquist

Founder of TrapTek LLC

“The Basis Group provided us with a fabulous website that clearly and succinctly positioned our value proposition. They were diligent and methodical at making sure that they fully understood our offerings and challenged us at times when we weren’t clear in conveying it to them. I would highly recommend The Basis Group not only for website development but for any marketing initiative you may have.”

Rick Doss


“More than just an outstanding designers. The Basis Group understands how to guide organizations through the process of recognizing those key attributes that differentiate a brand and then is able to bring them to life in fresh, creative designs.”

Pat McGuigan

Senior Marketing Manager
CS Stars