Since 2000, The Basis Group has operated as a boutique business-to-business marketing communications firm specializing the high-tech marketplace. Coming out of the agency world, we formed our company with the conscious decision to limit the size of our company so we can form deeper, more dedicated relationships with fewer clients. By coming alongside our clients, working closely with their internal marketing teams and absorbing their marketplace, we offer them objective yet informed insights on their business. We collaborate with them to blueprint their branding strategies and we support their business goals with disciplined design and mixed-media marketing communications.


Every branding agency has their own idea of what a brand actually is…and every perspective has it’s own flavor. At The Basis Group, we see the brand as the foundation on which your company stands. Beyond the use of fonts, colors and icons, your brand is everything your audience experiences every time they come with you. Ultimately, it is a promise you make to your customers about your company.

The key to making good on your promise is to really know who you are and then be true to your word. It isn’t enough to know your product line and target audience. You need to embody your core values and believe in your mission statement. You need to understand the pain your customers feel, the gaps your competitors have left and the differentiation you bring to the marketplace. When these intangible aspects are defined and communicated within the tangible elements of your company, then your brand will breathe life into your business and your audience will trust you.

We have been working together as a creative team since 1992—which is longer than we have been married. Yes. We are married, but we are not a mom-and-pop shop. Collectively, we offer nearly 50 years of marketing and brand strategy experience.

  • Chad Nelson
    Chad Nelson Principal

    Chad began his career with a degree in art, a love of design and dashed dreams of becoming a documentary filmmaker. Now, with more than two and a half decades in the high-tech B2B industry, Chad has worked in big agencies, including Leopard: An Ogilvy Company, and been a founding partner in two successful brand marketing agencies. In his role as Creative Director for The Basis Group, Chad oversees all creative development and functions as lead corporate brand strategist.

  • Linda Nelson
    Linda Nelson Principal

    After devoting her studies—and her heart—to the English language and the art of the written word, Linda forsook the fantasy of writing novels to pursue a career as a writer of something that resulted in a paycheck. Before becoming a founding partner of The Basis Group, Linda was an associate editor for both regional and international publications and worked as a freelance marketing copywriter servicing such accounts as IBM, SunAmerica Securities, and the Del Webb Corporation. As Director of Content Development for The Basis Group, Linda oversees all written content creation and functions as associate brand strategist.

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